Integrated AI Development Platform

The toolset to design, teach, and run the inspection AI — without code.

80% Reduction in AI Development Costs

Less Data

Our Task Connection technology doesn’t require as many images to train the AI.

No Code

No coding required for designing or training the AI. The trained model will run without further integration together with peripheral devices.

Annotate Inside

An easy-to-use annotation tool with cool AI features enables fast data annotation.

Rule-based Too

You can also combine AI inference with conventional rules-based and OCR functions.

AI Development Tool


Task Connection

Connect networks of AI and task-basked task just like a person would detect errors.

Smart Annotation

Automate your annotation work by auto-fill. You can use your AI to help the annotation too.

Learning Analysis

You can analyse the accuracy of your AI without any hassle.

Multiple Networks

Make use of both supervised and unsupervised learning, semantic segmentation and classification.

AI Inspection Tool



Connect cameras, lighting, and PLC’s of your choice without addtional software or coding.

Camera Connectivity

Compatible with Basler, Omron, Keyence as well as standard UVC cameras and folder monitoring

Fast Deployment

Use the AI model that you developed with MENOU-TE and just run it. MENOU-RN will inspect images at amazing speeds.

I/O Control

Control I/O signals based on AI decisions easily.