AI Inspection Integration Service

Automating and labor-saving visual inspections in a short period of time

AI Visual Inspection Introduction Service

MENOU’s software and image inspection engineers save labor for visual inspection work performed by advanced skills, and build a stable process that is easy to operate. AI makes it possible to develop ambiguous judgments with multiple lines and multiple bases, and it is also possible to reduce inspection costs.
Normally, we provide PoC free of charge that requires the purchase of expensive equipment, and propose an inspection process using AI in as little as 3 months. We propose systems for AI, cameras, lighting, conveyance, and other processes in general.

MENOU-IN Resolved


Implementation Steps



Free PoC

From dozens of photos of the workpiece, we will construct a PoC in up to 2 weeks, such as the feasibility of inspection AI and takt time, and submit a simple report. Imaging will also be done here if necessary.


On-site PoS

In the on-site PoS, we create a Proof of Success that takes into account the on-site process in as little as 3 months. In addition to additional learning to improve the accuracy of AI, you can check the return on investment of mass production introduction. The inspection system is very inexpensive because it is rented.


Mass production introduction

In PoS, it is an AI model and imaging configuration assuming actual introduction, and mass production introduction is smooth. Mass production introduction is possible only by linking with jigs and tools and conveying systems, and support after introduction is also substantial. In addition, since it comes with an AI development platform, maintenance and operation are easy.

Operation after mass production introduction can also be easily improved and updated by an easy-to-use AI development platform.

Case Studies


Automobiles & Auto Parts

Scratches, rust, foreign objects, discoloration, deformities, etc.

Food & Packaging

Foreign matter, discoloration, package abnormality, no printing required, etc.

Medical device

Scratches, dents, foreign objects, traceability, etc.

Textiles & Clothing

Uneven dyeing, poor weaving, tearing, etc.

Electronic devices and parts

Piece counting, shape defect, foreign matter, solder

Infrastructure and Equipment Maintenance

Periodic inspections, abnormality detection, records, etc.