Execution Tool MENOU-RN

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Operation Tools MENOU-RN

MENOU-RN (amenuuranium) is an execution environment for running the developed AI at high speed.
Linkage with peripheral equipment such as conveyors, robots, transport devices, and data management systems required for production and inspection lines can be realized without additional cost.

Fast takt time inference


When introducing AI inference into the inspection line, takt time is required.

In addition to performing inspections, MENOU-RN is a dedicated application that can perform high-speed processing such as result display, synchronization with peripheral devices, and IO output.

Integration function


Just by connecting it to a PC, you can link with various peripheral devices.


Connection with various cameras is simple. In addition to Basler, Omron Sentec and Keyence VJ, it is also possible to use a general-purpose USB connected camera (UVC). Folder monitoring is also supported.

I/O Control I/O Interface

By simply selecting an option with the mouse, you can control the general-purpose IO. Equipment-specific development that was required in the development of conventional inspection instruments is no longer necessary, and cooperation with discharge equipment, belt conveyors, and robots can be easily performed. Since frequent setting changes can be easily performed, specification changes and timing adjustments are also efficient.



The images captured during the inspection ensure the quality of the shipped goods. Since it is easy to search for a huge amount of image data, it is possible to quickly respond to unexpected situations. When a new failure mode is found, it is possible to easily provide feedback to AI development, such as additional learning using the image.

Line Case Studies


We introduce case videos of automatic sorting of conveyor conveyors, OK products, and NG products.

Please see Takt Time and MENOU's AI linked to peripheral devices.